We are thrilled that we are once again able to meet in person. We understand that not everyone will be comfortable returning at this time, and we know those in the higher risk category are still encouraged to remain home. While we would love to see each one of you in person, we understand the decision to return must be made by each individual and family unit. We are going to keep our Zoom session open at this time. You can join the in-person service via Zoom by visiting the same Zoom link on our website! We’ll be glad to see you whether you join in person or on-line.

Please note at this time, we are not having any Sunday School classes and there will be no children’s service. We are re-opening of our physical facilities in stages. While we would love to restart these immediately, we want to ensure the safest opening by restarting in-person services one step at a time.

Here are a few things we are doing to help create the safest environment possible:

Here are some things you can do to help when you arrive:

Pastor Wes, Pastor Nathan, and the church board have taken this decision seriously and have taken time to discuss the things we can do to make our in-person gatherings as safe as possible. We appreciate your assistance in this as well. Please feel free to ask questions or make a suggestion to a pastor or a board member.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 6:30 PM

We are once again meeting in person on Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 PM. The youth will be meeting in the teen Sunday School room at 6:30 PM. The Fellowship Hall and Teen Room have room for physical distancing. We do ask that everyone brings a mask to maintain the safest possible environment and to comply with government regulations.

The Fellowship Hall and Teen room are sanitized after each meeting.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable joining together in person, and we know those at higher risk may need to remain at home. Therefore, we will have the Zoom link available for those who wish to join the adult Bible study online.

No matter how you join, we hope you join us Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Contact Pastor Nathan for more information at 757-646-6863 or nrice@portsmouthnaz.org